Benthe Hasager Hellesøe

I am born 1st. of february 1975

in Korning west of Horsens


  • In 1995 I became student from Horsens Amtsgymnasium.
  • Then I was 7 months in Switzerland by the zürich lake as an Au Pair.
  • Back in Denmark I got a job as a coaching for a Physical handicapped boy until our son Jakob was born.
  • I took care of Jakob a year and we moved to Rønbjerg.
  • In 2001 I was educated as a teacher at the Teacher-training college in Skive.
  • In December 2007 I graduated as Bachelor in textile Handicraft and Education at the Textile College in Viborg.
  • Now I work in a textile shop, Fjølner in Viborg.


  • I like needlework. I embroider, weave, make lace or sew clothes or costumes for the family. I think weaving is exciting. I've been lucky enough to inherit my aunt's foot-powered loom.
  • Also Physics and chemistry have  always interested me. That is the reason why it was one of my head subjects together with needlework at the teacher-training college.
  • Between all the work inside the hause it is good to get out in the nature. I do that as a scoutleader in Flyndersø Group and at home when we go in to the garden to clean it or to enjoy the flowers.