Anders Hasager Hellesøe

I was born 5th. of November 2000 at Viborg hospital.

I was christened 4th. of february 2001 in Estvad church.

I am in 9th. class of Bøgballe school.


My favorite movie: Starwars
My favorite computergame: Lego batman 
My favorite game: ?
My favorite TV-program: ?
My spare-time occupation: Scout and shooting
My favorite musicgroup: Crazy Frog
My favorite toys: Lego
My favorite food: Pizza
I wish To have a dog


  • In 2004 I was diagnosed to have Leukemia. The first 3 months I was mainly staying at Skejby hospital to get treatment. Now I am completely well and I only visit the hospital once a year.
  • I like to play with my Lego and to play games on my computer.